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Our Articles

Parent power

The Employment Act 2002 introduced new employment legislation designed to help working parents, the right to request flexible work to facilitate childcare. However, many parents do not know how to make this request or how to challenge an employer’s decision to refuse flexible working. The ‘right’ is a ‘right to request’, not a ‘right to… [Read More]

Passing your wealth on effectively

Passing your wealth on effectively Despite the falling asset prices in the recession, some people are still fortunate enough to need to be concerned about whether inheritance tax will be payable on their estate after they die. If so, there may be action they can take to reduce or eliminate the inheritance tax bill. After… [Read More]

Pre-nuptial agreements – a guide

Are you planning to get married? If so, hopefully your marriage will be a happy and successful one. Without wanting to put a dampener on any forthcoming nuptials, it is a sad fact that many marriages end in divorce. In the unfortunate event of Marital breakdown, an effective pre-nuptial agreement could make resolving financial matters… [Read More]

Whose fault?

Most of us buy something every day some (like me) more than most! I receive a great many queries about consumer rights and thought it would be helpful to explain the current law. All consumer contracts are protected by what is known as implied rights. These are terms and conditions that the law automatically gives… [Read More]

Tool kit for new businesses

New Business Toolkit – How to be Your Own Boss Self employment is becoming increasingly popular. Last year in the UK nearly 4 million people worked for themselves. Providing you have a service or product that the customer likes it may be the time to go it alone. Self employment can seem like a big… [Read More]

Debt management

One of the most frustrating things that can happen to any business is that you provide a good service to a customer and then don’t get paid. Every business person has had this experience. You would have been better off not doing the work in the first place. Cash flow is one of the keys… [Read More]


Advice on Redundancy Being made redundant or being put at risk of redundancy can be very stressful. Both employers and employees need advice to be sure that any redundancy process is being conducted properly and fairly. How can we help? We aim to offer practical advice about the available options that can be considered during… [Read More]

Funding for a greener home

Environmentally friendly home improvements form part of the UK Government’s new energy saving Green Deal At the end of January this year the Government introduced the Green Deal – a new way of paying for energy-saving improvements to homes and business premises. Under the scheme the cost of the improvements will be met initially by… [Read More]

Festive Feuding

For lots of people, Christmas is a time of happiness – a time to spend with family. Laughter, fun – children playing happily with their new toys! Images we all aspire to. But not everyone will be happy over the Christmas period and, for some, the next few weeks will be a very sad and… [Read More]

Change of name

Our specialist family and divorce solicitors, based in Newport and Pontypool advise on all family issues, including divorce, children and family matters in South Wales and Nationally. Change of name We offer a quick and professional change of name service at a low cost. There are many personal reasons why a person may wish to… [Read More]