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Our Articles

“Tesco Law” – is “off the shelf” legal advice good for you?

Recent changes in the law allow banks and other high street retailers to register to provide legal services so that obtaining legal advice could be, in the words of the Minister of State at the time, “as easy as buying a can of beans”. The supporters of the Legal Services Act say this frees up… [Read More]

Employment rights

Surviving the recession – your employment rights If you are one of the unlucky employees of the one in three companies currently making or considering redundancies, there has never been a more important time to know your employment rights. The law offers some protection as your employer must show that they have fair reasons for… [Read More]

The bribery act

The Bribery Act 2010 came into force on 1st July 2011 All business people must be aware that the Bribery Act created new offences:- (i) Offering, promising or giving a bribe; (ii) Requesting, agreeing to receive or accepting a bribe; (iii) Bribing a foreign public official. The maximum penalty for these three offences is 10… [Read More]

Care home fees

We are all worried that as we or our elderly relatives grow old, we or they may need to go into a care home. Fees for care homes are very high, and if somebody spends their last few years in a home, their savings will be greatly diminished. Where a persons care need is primarily… [Read More]

Commercial property

For many landlords and tenants alike, the recent unprecedented slow-down in consumer spending has had a direct knock-on effect on property and especially on landlords. In the last year many well known names have disappeared from the high street along with innumerable small businesses. For landlords these are worrying times. Freehold and leasehold prices have… [Read More]

Settlement agreements

Settlements Agreements (formerly Compromise Agreements) are formal documents that allow an employer to terminate an employees contract without following a disciplinary or redundancy procedure. The main features of the Agreement are:- They are legally binding They waive the individuals rights to bring any claim covered by the agreement The employee usually receives some form of… [Read More]

Debt recovery

Regular cash flow is vitally important to small businesses and recovering debts quickly and smoothly has become increasingly important in this difficult market Debt Recovery Model Clear Terms and Conditions A friendly telephone call towards the end of the term for payment. An amicable letter as a reminder that payment is due. If, 14 days… [Read More]

Every dog has its day!

It’s said that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. But, like much else that’s said about ageing, that simply isn’t true and now the Government have recognised this. There are many myths about old age that have been dispelled as a result of Government research. There appears to be no medical, scientific or… [Read More]

Family law – the facts and the myths

Many people have misconceptions about where they stand on various issues when their relationship breaks down. How much do you know? Are you a legal eagle or do you need expert legal advice? Test yourself in our true or false quiz…. Divorce Q. If you get divorced you are automatically entitled to half of all… [Read More]

Lasting powers of attorney

Have you ever thought about how you and your money and property would be looked after if you to have an accident or become so ill that you could not manage your own affairs? Many of us will suffer a significant period of incapacity at some time in our lives but fewer than one in… [Read More]