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Road traffic offences

Over recent years we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of clients who need advice about road traffic matters. The approach to the Severn Bridge tollbooth, the M4 in South Wales and the A449 have become notorious ‘hot spots’ where thousands of speeding offences are being captured on camera every month.

Ashley Harkus and James Campbell are able to offer individuals and businesses advise and representation in court for speeding and all other motoring offences.

Many motorists accept fixed penalty offers or plead guilty without ever viewing or testing the Prosecution evidence and in some cases therefore motorists end up with points on their licence or in some cases disqualifications which are unnecessary. Others do not know what factors are relevant to persuade Magistrates to exercise a discretion not to ban or what evidence will help them do that.   If you have been summonsed for a high speed offence or are facing a 6 month ban for a “totting” offence (where you are at risk of having 12 or more points on your licence) then expert advice can be invaluable.

Unlike many firms who charge by the hour, we will agree a fixed fee with you to cover all work we carry out on your behalf.

Motoring Offences – What will it cost?

All driving offences that can only be heard in the Magistrates Court, (speeding, driving whilst unfit through drugs or no insurance) where a guilty plea is to be entered– fixed fee £300.00 plus VAT.

Fee includes:

Guilty plea where exceptional hardship argument why not to disqualify is raised – Fixed fee £450 plus VAT

Fee includes:

The above fees do not include:

If you would like to discuss a speeding offence or you have been summonsed to court please contact Ashley Harkus or James Campbell on 01633 251801  or click the following link Contact Us