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Boundary disputes

Your home is your castle, whether you’re Welsh or English. But arguments occur about boundaries and other property rights, such as rights of way or permitted use of the land. Boundary and property disputes can get very complicated and bitter.

Our property solicitors will tell you what your rights are, and how best to solve the boundary and property disputes. We may suggest getting an immediate injunction to protect your rights, or we may suggest that you appoint a mediator to try to settle matters before they get out of hand. But we will tell you whether we think that you’re right or wrong, and we’ll try and tell you how much it is likely to cost to fight a case in court.

Our specialist property solicitors in Pontypool and Newport will try to get a practical solution to boundary and property disputes, but if you need to we’ll help you fight your corner.

Legal aid is not normally available for this type of property dispute, although you may have legal expenses insurance to help with your legal costs. Check all your insurance policies before you visit us and bring them with you for us to look at.

If you would like to discuss any of the above issues then please contact Kirsten Tuck on 01633 251801 or click on the following link Contact Us