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We have long experience of dealing with charities. These are often churches or Christian organisations, but we also deal with environmental bodies, protection of buildings, sports facilities and so on. Charities are often set up in the form of a trust, but other formats are possible, such as a company limited by guarantee or an informal association. If you form a new charity, it is often important to get it registered with the Charity Commission. We can help you, not only with the actual formation, but also with advice on how to meet the requirements of the Charity Commission.

There are detailed legal rules about the formation and administration of charities. We find that clients often need help with the particular rules which apply to charities entering into mortgage or property sale transactions If you think that might apply to you, get in touch with us to avoid difficulty later.

If you would like to discuss any issues in relation to charities please contact Chris Pennant on 0845 60 222 999 or click on the following link Contact Us